Chef specialties from the Wok

Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodle with beansprouts, green onion, egg, tofu, seasoned with pad thai sauce, crushed peanuts on top, and your choice of:

PT1. Vegetables / Tofu $14.95
PT2. Chicken $14.95
PT3. Shrimp $16.45
PT4. Beef $14.95
Crispy Egg Noodle

Crispy egg noodles topped with stir fried vegetables and your choice of:

CE1. Tofu $16.95
CE2. Chicken $16.95
CE3. Beef $16.95
CE4. Seafood $19.45
CE5. Shrimp $19.45
Extra Portion of Crispy Egg Noodle $3.00
Special dinner plates

Stir fried vegetables with rice and your choice of:

SP1. Tofu $15.95
SP2. Chicken $15.95
SP3. Beef $15.95
SP4. Shrimp $18.45
SP5. General Tao Chicken (spicy)
with salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber)
SP6. Seafood $19.45

Please inform us of any allergies

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