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  1. Gladys says:

    Best restaurant in Orleans. Great food and great prices. Friendly and fast service.

  2. Olivier & Debi says:

    The only thing better than the food is the service. Best family restaurant in Orlleans.

  3. Cyndi says:

    I went here a few times with my husband and kids. The food is fantastic. This is what I would call “clean eating”. If I were to make food like this at home, this is how I think it would be. It’s not overdone in sauces, salt, and oils to try to mask food. Lovely! Just lovely!

  4. louise tremblay says:

    My sister said this was a great restaurant I agree loved the pho soup it was very fresh and the service exceptional, will bring my daugthers next time, love love love

  5. Line P. says:

    Love!Love!Love! Best Pho in Ottawa! Great service! We mostly do take out and the food is great and fresh! Thank you!

  6. stan tesher says:

    The comments which have been provided above describe this restaurant to a tee. In fact if the kudos were embellished a hundredfold they would still not be adequate enough to describe what a wonderful restaurant this is. My son owns 3 restaurants in Europe with extraordinary food and service. This place falls in their category. You are not just a customer in this restaurant – you are treated like FAMILY. Anh and Phat (and staff) – we think you are the absolutely the BEST there is to offer in Ottawa. Thank you.

  7. Paul says:

    Simply great. Great tasting food and great service. We can always count on the food.

    Anh is always smiling and is so sweet.

    I have been going for years and will be going for years to come. Eat in and take out.

    HIGHLY recommended.

  8. Ray Seed says:

    I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant. The food is consistently excellent and reasonably priced for the cost conscious. The broth for the pho is flavourful and a balm to the soul when you’re feeling chilled to the bone. The menu is extensive and no matter how picky you may be, there is bound to be something to your liking. If you’re not up for soup try their grilled pork with vermicelli – it’s delicious. The salad rolls with peanut sauce is just one of several tasty appetizers. My wife and I have worked our way through the menu over the course of the past couple of years and we have enjoyed every dish. Such is the advantage of having a wonderful neighbourhood restaurant where you can pop in at a moment’s notice.

    One of my pet peeves and one of the things that I have never been able to understand is why the Canadian service industry is so sorely lacking when it comes to respect for the customer. How many restaurants treat you like an inconvenience as they feed you mediocre fare and then show you the door without so much as a thank you? More often than not the small family run restaurant will go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction is their primary concern. And so it is with Pho Truc Lien. Anh will make you feel like a long lost friend as she greets you with the warmest of smiles while Phat thoughtfully prepares a first rate Vietnamese meal. There is nothing pretentious about this place – just delicious, home cooked meals presented by people who care. It’s a pleasure to dine in their company and I congratulate them on a job well done.

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